Freeway Baptist Church, Chelsea Australia

The Word Shapes us in Delight - Psalm 119:1-16 - ”Shaped by God’s Word” Sermon Series (16-Jan-22)

January 16, 2022

Part of Sermon Series called "Shaped by God's Word".

Bible Reading Resources - available from places like Koorong Bookstore -

"For the Love of God" (Bible Reading Plan) - Don Carson (

"James for you" - Sam Allberry (also on YouTube (

"Big Truths for Young Hearts" - Bruce Ware (

"New Morning Mercies" - Paul David Tripp (

- Books by Warren Wiersbe

- Books by David Guzik

On-line and as an App "First 15" - Helping you connect with God (free) (


or Read the Bible using the S.A.O.P. Method

Scripture. Write down in full or in part the scripture you are meditating on. Read it several times, sit with it let it soak in.

Observation. Now write down any repeated words, themes, what stands out, who is the audience, why is the author writing?

Application. This is when God’s word becomes personal. What is being said to you? Write down a take away application point.

Prayer. Pray God’s Word back to Him. Commit to prayer what you’ve learnt and pray for ways to live that out in your day.

Freeway is a contemporary Baptist Church found in the heart of the bayside suburb of Chelsea, Vic, Australia.

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